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Pictures from the gallery
Pictures from the gallery
Oiled Spoils Logo Truck

Oiled Spoils History

By: Tyler Watts

It all started in the summer of 2017, when I was living in rural East Texas. As a teacher, I have summers off, so I have plenty of time to tinker in the workshop. My neighbor was cleaning out some junk from his yard, and had an old pickup on a trailer, headed for the scrap yard. I had seen a picture of a tailgate bench made from the end of a truck bed and asked if I could cut off the end of this one before he hauled it away. I decided to list the bench for sale and got a very positive response, which set me on a quest to find more old trucks and truck beds to convert into tailgate benches.

While I was able to source several original truck beds (two more from my good neighbor in Texas!), I soon realized that I would need a steady source of materials to meet growing demand. When a customer informed me that a vintage truck cut-off bench was too large for her space, I decided to begin manufacture of the reproduction ’47-’53 Chevy truck bench, modeled on my own ’53 Chevy truck which I’ve been driving for 23 years. After moving back to Michigan in 2018, I decided to start producing tailgate benches again, and added a vintage Ford model to the mix.

Each bench is hand-crafted from solid steel stock and correct restoration parts and built for years of use and enjoyment. 

Pictures from the gallery
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